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This page was made to check the existing guides to setup a developer repository and publish it at I use the aports repository because this requires a bit more of configuration than just setting up a repo at

Note: If you just want to have a local clone of the official Alpine aports repo, go to a directory of your choice and use git to clone everything.

git clone git://

SSH access to and some space is needed.

Create a repository

Create a directory on your local system.

mkdir aports

Initialize the git repository and create a first commit

echo "testing" > aports/test.txt cd aports git init git add . git commit -m 'Initial commit'

Create a bare repo

Clone it to a bare repo

cd .. git clone --bare aports aports.git

Set the description

echo "fab's aports repo" > aports.git/description

Set the section and your name for cgit.

cat <<EOF >> aports.git/cgitrc
section=Developer fab
owner=Fabian Affolter

Upload to

Copy the content to your the ~/cgit directory on

scp -r aports.git

Clean up

We no longer need the local aports.git directory.

rm -rf aports.git

Add your personal repo

So far git does not know anything about about the repositories.

cd aports git remote add origin ssh://

Add upstream source to merge with

Add the original source as a git remote repository ("upstream" can be whatever name you want to assign to the remote repository):

git remote add upstream git://