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* '''Jabber''' : fab AT swissjabber DOT org
* '''Jabber''' : fab AT swissjabber DOT org
* '''IRC''' : fabian_a (or fab_a) on FreeNode
* '''IRC''' : fabian_a (or fab_a) on FreeNode
== Misc ==
* [[User:Fab/Personal_aports_repo|Personal aport repo]]

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My Name is Fabian Affolter and I'm living in Berne/Switzerland. One of my passions is free software and open source. I'm a long time contributor to various free and open source software projects. A big bunch of my spare time is spent on the Fedora Project and Bcfg2.

Formally I was a Red Hat Linux 7/8/9 user but since the first release of Fedora I changed my mind and use this wonderful "thing" on some of my systems. My first system was a Amiga 2000 (this is a long long time ago).

My area of interest are computer aided design (CAD), computer algebra system (CAS), provisioning, automatic configuration management, version control systems, Software packaging, and microcontrollers.

Some other project where I'm still involved...

Apart from spending time at the computer, I like to read, to listen to music, and to hike in the Swiss mountains.

more personal stuff


  • Postal address :
ask for the street
CH-3000 Berne