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Dubiousjim added a JavaScript to MediaWiki:Common.js that changes the Special:SpecialPages link from the Toolbox section of the Sidebar to point to this page. He also added a link to Project:Wiki_maintenance in the Wiki section of the Sidebar. The latter is a curated/organized/annotated selection of SpecialPages links. It also has a link to the whole ugly set of SpecialPages, in case something extra is needed.

This page is just a note to explain what I've done. I think you'll find the Maintenance link more useful. But if these modifications to the Sidebar prove to be problematic, an administrator can delete the page MediaWiki:Common.js and (once MediaWiki has refreshed its caches) the site will revert to the old behavior.

I've leave this page here for a while, but eventually I propose to delete it and also remove the link to Special:SpecialPages from the Sidebar.

If these modifications to the Sidebar work out, though, then the same infrastructure can be used to add/change/remove other links from the Toolbox section of the Sidebar. (The upper sections of the Sidebar are easy to modify, just edit the page MediaWiki:Sidebar.)