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== Start with Heading 2 ==

Inline elements

  • '''bold'''; or use b or strong or {font-weight:bold}
  • ''italic''; or use i or em or {font-style:italic}
  • small or {font-size:smaller}
  • big or {font-size:larger} (invalid in 5)
  • sup or {vertical-align:super}
  • sub or {vertical-align:sub}
  • <font> deprecated, use {font-size:10pt; color:red; font-family:"Courier"}
  • <span style="color:gray">
  • <span style="color:white; background:red">
  • u or ins or {text-decoration:underline} (<u> valid in 5 but not 4 strict; <ins> can also be a block element)
  • s or del or {text-decoration:line-through} (<s> valid in 5 but not 4 strict; <del> can also be a block element)
  • code uses {font-family:monospace;} (<tt> invalid in 5)
    markup and → entities are still honored
  • and and and are ignored
  • var
  • cite
  • {{Hint|term|explanation}}
  • {{Path|/a/path/name}}

Here is [[Internal pagetitle|an internal pagetitle]]: an internal pagetitle. Text immediately suffixing the link will be incorporated into the link text, preface with <nowiki /> to suppress.

Here is an Alpine Issue link {{Issue|279}}: #279.

Here is [ an external link]: an external link. If no link text is supplied: [1]. Omit brackets for (use <nowiki> to suppress). Same server can be specified using {{SERVERNAME}}.

[ info].

-- ~~~~ gives a signature and timestamp: -- Dubiousjim 10:00, 4 March 2012 (UTC)

Here is one line, followed by <br />
and another line.

Here is <!-- a comment -->.

HR like this


Block elements

{{Cmd|a <var>command</var> to try}}

Contents of /path/file

{{Cat|/path/file|body}} '''text''' <br /> more Second line. You must escape characters as follows: = use &#61; or {{=}} | use &#124; or {{!}} {{ use &#123; twice or {{lb}} }} use &#125; twice or {{rb}} unmatched [[ use &#91; twice unmatched ]] use &#93; twice

<nowiki> converts → entities and collapses whitespace, but ignores all '''wiki''' and <span style="color:green">HTML</span> [[markup]].

HTML's <pre> uses {white-space:pre; font-family:monospace;} To wrap to screen width, use <pre style="white-space:pre-wrap">

In wiki, one leading space displays as block element, in monospace, doesn't collapse whitespace.
Converts → entities and honors wiki and HTML markup.
? Can contain any inline element except: IMG OBJECT BIG SMALL SUP SUB
In wiki, <pre> displays as block element, in monospace, doesn't collapse whitespace.
Otherwise like <nowiki>: it converts → entities, but ignores '''wiki''' and <span style="color:green">HTML</span> [[markup]].
One leading space plus <nowiki> is same as <pre> (in this case, subsequent lines should not be space-prefixed; block will extend to closing </nowiki>)
: Simply indented text (on left side only).

This is <blockquote>. Collapses whitespace, and indents on both sides.

  1. Here is a numbered list item.
    1. Doubly-numbered
  • Here is a bulleted list item.
    • Doubly-bulleted

Blank lines, or non-bulleted/numbered lines, end the lists.

;item : Body text

or {{Define|item|Body text}} produce:

Body text

Help on tables


[[File:Alpinelinux 01.png|right|thumb|100px|Caption text]] gives:

Caption text

Options can appear in any order:

  • Caption text defaults to filename; to wholly suppress, use <span title=""></span>
  • alt=text
  • Size can be [width][xheight]px
  • page=number, for PDF images
  • rendered inline, Caption shows as hover text: frameless, and/or border
    • rendered inline, on separate line: none
    • Valign for inline images, defaults to middle: middle|baseline|sub|super|top|text-top|bottom|text-bottom
    • Text flow can be stopped by placing <br style="clear:both" /> before the text that should start below the floating image
    • link=URL|pagetitle|blank, only for inline images
  • rendered floating, defaults to right align, Caption displayed below image: thumb, thumb=alternate filename, frame (ignores size options)
    • rendered floating, defaults to thumb: left|right|center

To instead link to the file, you need to add a colon: File:Alpinelinux 01.png.

See also:

Other Boxes

Heading: {{Box|Heading:|Body}}
Heading: {{Box|Heading:|Body then border-color then background-color|#DF0000|#FFDFDF}}
Tip: {{Tip|Write your Tip here.}}
Note: {{Note|Write your Note here.}}
Warning: {{Warning|Write your Warning here.}}

Underconstruction clock icon gray.svg
Todo: {{Todo|Write your Todo here.}}


&#decimal; or &#xhex; Other HTML entities Unicode symbols

& &amp; \ &#92;   &nbsp;
a␣b \u2423 ↵ &crarr;
| &#124; ¦ &brvbar;
∣ \u2223 ∤ \u2224 ∥ \u2225 ∦ \u2226
" &quot; ' &apos;
′ &prime;
″ &Prime;
´ &acute;
&#123; &#125;
\u2983 \u2984
\u2774 \u2775
\u2768 \u2769
&#91; &#93;
\u27e6 \u27e7
\u3010 \u3011
〈a,b〉 &lang; &rang;
\u2329 \u232a
\u300a \u300b
\u276c \u276d
‹ › &lsaquo; &rsaquo;
\u2039 \u203a
« » &laquo; &raquo;
\u00ab \u00bb
< &lt; ≤ &le;
≮ \u226e ≰ \u2270 ≺ \u227a ⊀ \u2280 ≼ \u227c ⋠ \u22e0
> &gt; ≥ &ge;
≯ \u226f ≱ \u2271 ≻ \u227b ⊁ \u2281 ≽ \u227d ⋡ \u22e1
≪ \u226a ⋘ \u22d8 ≫ \u226b ⋙ \u22d9 ≷ \u2277 ≹ \u2279
⊳ \u22b3 ⊵ \u22b5 ⋫ \u22eb ⋭ \u22ed ▷ \u25b7 ▶ \u25b6 ▻ \u25bb ► \u25ba
⊲ \u22b2 ⊴ \u22b4 ⋪ \u22ea ⋬ \u22ec ◁ \u25c1 ◀ \u25c0 ◅ \u25c5 ◄ \u25c4
⧎ \u29ce ⧏ \u29cf
⧐ \u29d0
∆ \u2206 △ \u25b3 ▲ \u25b2
∇ \u2207 &nabla; ▽ \u25bd ▼ \u25bc
- − &minus;
– &ndash;
— &mdash;
± &plusmn;
÷ &divide;
u/v uv &frasl;
uxv u×v &times;
u*v u∗v &lowast;
u✶v \u2736 u★v \u2605 u☆v \u2606
f⚪g \u26a f⚫g \u26ab f⊕g &oplus;
f⊗g &otimes;
f⊙g \u229a
u∘v \u2218 u•v &bull;
u·v &middot;
u⋅v &sdot;
°C deg \u00b0
→ &rarr;
↛ \u219b ⥽ \u297d ↠ \u21a0
⇉ \u21c9
↦ \u21a6
⤙ \u2199
⇀ \u21c0 ⟶ \u27f6
⟼ \u27fc
⇢ \u21e2 ⤳ \u2933
← &larr;
↚ \u219a ⥼ \u297c ↞ \u219e
⇇ \u21c7
↤ \u21a4
⤚ \u219a
↼ \u21bc ⟵ \u27f5
⟻ \u27fb
⇠ \u21e0
↔ &harr;
↮ \u21ae ⇄ \u21c4 ⇌ \u21cc ⟷ \u27f7 ⇅ \u21c5
↑ &uarr;
⇈ \u21c8 ↿ \u21bf ⇡ \u21e1
↓ &darr;
⇊ \u21ca ⇃ \u21c3 ⇣ \u21e3
⇒ &rArr;
⇏ \u21cf ⇾ \u21fe
⇐ &lArr;
⇍ \u21cd ⇽ \u21fd
⇔ &hArr;
⇎ \u21ce ⇿ \u21ff
⇑ &uArr;
⇓ &dArr;
⇳ \u21f3
¬ &not;
⊥ &perp;
⊤ \u22a4 † &dagger;
‡ &Dagger;
∧ &and;
⋀ \u22c0 ⊼ \u22bc u⌃v \u2303 ⋏ \u22cf
∨ &or;
⋁ \u22c1 ⊻ \u22bb u⌄v \u2304 ⋎ \u22ce
∀ &forall;
∃ &exist;
∄ \u2204
□p \u25a1 ○p \u25cb ◇p \u25c7 ■p \u25a0 ●p \u25cf ◆p \u25c6
⊢ \u22a2 ⊬ \u22ac ⊣ \u22a3 ⊨ \u22a8 ⊭ \u22ad ⊩ \u22a9 ⊮ \u22ae
∅ &empty;
∈ &isin;
∉ &notin;
℘ &weierp;
∩ &cap;
⋂ \u22c2 ⊓ \u2293
∪ &cup;
⋃ \u22c3 ⊔ \u2294
⊃ &sup;
⊇ &supe;
⊅ \u2285 ⊉ \u2289 ⊐ \u2290 ⊒ \u2292 ⋣ \u22e3
⊂ &sub;
⊆ &sube;
⊄ &nsub;
⊈ \u2288 ⊏ \u228f ⊑ \u2291 ⋢ \u22e2
= ≠ &ne;
≡ &equiv;
≢ \u2262
~ ∼ &sim;
≁ \u2241 ≈ &asymp;
≉ \u2249 ≅ &cong;
≇ \u2247
⌈ ⌉ &lceil; &rceil;
\u2308 \u2309
⌊ ⌋ &lfloor; &rfloor;
\u230a \u230b
⌜S⌝ \u231c \u231d ⌞S⌟ \u231e \u231f
ℕ \u2115 ℤ \u2124 ℚ \u211a ℝ \u211d ℜ &real;
℩ \u2129
⍳ \u2373
ℯ \u212f ℇ \u2107
ℰ \u2130
∏ &prod;
∑ &sum;
√ &radic;
∞ &infin;
… &hellip;
∶ \u2236 ∷ \u2237 ∴ &there4;


In general when pointing to Alpine Linux downloads stick with the Downloads Page, but if you for any reason need to include direct download information, do so by using one of below.


For standard


For mini


For standard
url}} Download now!
[{{#latestalp:alpine|url}} {{#latestalp:alpine|file}}]
({{#latestalp:alpine|mb}} MiB) Released {{#latestalp:alpine|date}}
url}} Download now!
[{{#latestalp:alpine-mini|url}} {{#latestalp:alpine-mini|file}}]
({{#latestalp:alpine-mini|mb}} MiB) Released {{#latestalp:alpine-mini|date}}
This material is proposed for deletion ...

link is broken (Discuss)
Make sure no other pages link here and check the page's history before deleting.


  • {{#latestalp:alpine|url}} will give you latest download url for Alpine Linux Standard:
  • {{#latestalp:alpine-mini|url}} will give you latest download url for Alpine Linux mini:


Start from [{{#latestalp:alpine|url}} Downloading latest Alpine Linux Standard], than continue ...

Start from [{{#latestalp:alpine|url}} Downloading latest Alpine Linux Standard], than continue ...


#REDIRECT [[pagename]]

[[Category:Category name]]

To link to a Category page without adding the page to the category: [[:Category:Not in this category]]

{{Draft|Message.}} produces:

Underconstruction clock icon gray.svg
This material is work-in-progress ...

(Last edited by Dubiousjim on 8 Mar 2012.)

{{Obsolete|Message.}} produces:

Out of date clock icon.svg
This material is obsolete ...

Message. (Discuss)

Including templates/pages
{{T}} includes [[Template:T]]
{{:Name}} includes [[Name]]
{{subst:T}} or {{subst::Name}
{{msgnw:T}} includes T in <nowiki> style

Template tools


Explicitly named/numbered args are trimmed, to preserve whitespace have to use implicitly numbered args.
Inside a template, substrings beginning with "*", "#", ":", or ";" are automatically prefixed by a 
newline. Use `a{{{dummy|;}}}b` to generate `a;b`. (`dummy` could be the empty string.)

Use {{ns:0}} for empty string.

Template:Cat uses {{#tag:nowiki|...}} around its {{{2}}}.

{{if|value|then|else}} yields then if value isn't blank; otherwise it yields else. One limitation: {{if|2=then}} yields then (but works properly if value is defined and empty, or else is defined).

{{ifz|value|result}} yields result if value is blank.

{{ifn|value|result}} yields result if value isn't blank. One limitation: {{ifn|2=result}} yields result (but works properly if value is defined and empty).

Making new Template:Foo


'''Short description.'''

See also:

* [[:Template:Bar]]




markup ... {{{1}}} {{{2|default}}} ...

Additional Notes (not displayed)


before a box?

/w/index.php?title=Foo&printable=yes ~~> /w/index.php?title=foo&printable=yes includes{{localurl:...}

string (uses _ and %C3) or |QUERY (uses + and %C3) or |PATH (uses %20); default was WIKI, became QUERY string for #section_anchors

~~> ""

string stRing are

Template:Nowrap ~~> {{{1}}}

Template:Inlinepre ~~> {{{1}}}

Template:Right ~~>


Template:Rightcolumn ~~>

stacks with anything else floated in rightcolumn

Template:Border ~~> {{{1}}}

Template:Center ~~>


Template:Hidden ~~>

Template:Tag ~~> <ref>hello</ref> Template:Tag ~~> hello Template:Tag ~~> <ref group=note> Template:Tag ~~>
==> {{#switch:pair

|c|close  = 
|p|pair   = <tag{{#if:| {{{params}}}}}


|c|close  = 
|s|single =  />
|o|open   = >
|p|pair   = >...


|o|open   = 
|p|pair   = </tag>


The Table of contents can be forced onto a floating table on the right hand of the screen with the code below:

Search is case-insensitive

Search for a phrase by enclosing it in double quotation marks.

You can use a wildcard *, at the end of a search term only.

If a word appears in a page with single quotes, you can only find it if you search for the word with quotes. Since this is rarely desirable it is better to use double quotes in pages, for which this problem does not arise. An apostrophe is identical to a single quote, therefore Mu'ammar can be found searching for exactly that (and not otherwise). A word with apostrophe s is an exception in that it can be found also searching for the word without the apostrophe and the s.


[Compare selected versions] (<cur> | last) [x] 11:35, 8 March 2012 Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (226 bytes) (Removed A B) (undo) ( cur | last) [x] 11:35, 8 March 2012 Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (232 bytes) (added B, removed NavFrame) (undo) ( cur | last) [ ] 11:34, 8 March 2012 Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (563 bytes) (Added A) (undo) ( cur | last) [ ] 08:43, 8 March 2012 Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (560 bytes) (undo)

"last" shows diff between that edit and the one preceding it. "cur" shows diff between that edit and the current page (which may be newer than any edit shown, if the displayed history is stale).

The "cur" and "last" features are similar to those in Enhanced Recent Changes, except for "cur" in the first line: it is not linked in the revision history, while in the Enhanced Recent Changes it gives the differences corresponding to the last edit.


8 March 2012

  m   11:37 	Contribute‎ (diff | hist) . . (-5) . . Fab (Talk | contribs)

> N 11:35 User:Dubiousjim/Sandbox‎‎ (18 changes | hist) . . (+226) . . [Dubiousjim‎ (18×)] v N 10:43 Talk:Site improvements‎‎ (7 changes | hist) . . (+4,062) . . [Dubiousjim‎ (7×)]

              	10:43 (cur | last) . . (+129) . . Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (Suggest more editing help links)
              	10:39 (cur | last) . . (+62) . . Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (Privacy policy/copyright link)
              	10:37 (cur | last) . . (+124) . . Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (suggest link to Special:Version)
              	10:35 (cur | last) . . (+230) . . Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (Add some more wiki suggestions)
          m   	10:32 (cur | last) . . (-33) . . Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (markup error)
              	10:31 (cur | last) . . (+857) . . Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (Add some more wiki suggestions)
         N    	10:19 (cur | last) . . (+2,693) . . Dubiousjim (Talk | contribs) (Create page)

The "diff" and "last" links here works like "last" in PageHistory. The "cur" links work like "cur" in PageHistory, except that in RecentChanges it's also enabled for the topmost edit. The "n changes" link (for non-New pages) shows a diff of original state vs all the grouped changes together.

text ~~> {{{1}}}

How do I use a template as a signature?

When you look at your preferences, you see a check box for "raw signature." But the field will only take a certain number of characters. What if you want more?

You will need to create two pages, possibly in your userspace.

   Create the first page (FIRST PAGE)
   Go to your preferences, check "raw signature" and put Template:FIRST PAGE in the signature. Save
   Create a second page (SECOND PAGE) (possibly a sub-page of the first)
   Go back to the first page (FIRST PAGE) and do Template:SECOND PAGE
   Go to the second page (SECOND PAGE) and place the code you wish to have for your signature.

If you don't have this structure, you will still be inserting all your signature code into the raw code wherever your signature is used, because the software will insert "SUBST" in your preferences. You may not mind this, in which case you only need one page. If you want the raw code to only display Template:FIRST PAGE, which looks a lot cleaner, then you need to use the two-page structure.

How to move a page (Wikipedia)

A common example: moving a userspace draft into place. The intended article name is entered without any prefixes.

A move will fail if a page already exists at the target name, unless it is simply a redirect to the present name that has never been modified (check the edit history). The steps for moving a page are as follows:

   With the page to be moved displayed, choose the "move" option near the top of the page. In the default Vector skin, this is in a drop-down menu to the right of the screen, after "History" and the "Watchlist" star (see picture). In the Monobook skin, it is a tab at the top. You'll be asked for a new name for the page, and given the option to also move the page's talk page (this box should usually be left checked). Complete the "Reason for move" field (which is like an edit summary). Although filling out the "Reason" field isn't required, you should state a reason for the page move.
   When ready, click the move button and, if successful, the page will be renamed to the new title. The old title will become a redirect page, so any links to the old title will still go to the new page. However, note that double redirects (pages that redirect to the original page), will not automatically follow to the new page, so you will have to refer them manually (as explained at How to fix a double redirect and Checking for double redirects). However, if you're an administrator, you can move pages without leaving a redirect behind.
   Open the what-links-here for that page (there may be a shortcut link on the page-moved summary screen to let you do this, but the what-links-here link will in any case be in the toolbox, which is near the bottom of the sidebar unless you've customized your skin away from the default Vector).
   In the section of that page marked filters, click on the button labeled "Hide links". This will result in the page only showing redirects to the prior name. Open each of the redirect pages (best to do so in new tabs), click edit this page for each one, and change their target to the name of the page to which you have moved the page. Though this is an important cleanup step, if you miss some, they will normally be fixed by a bot shortly afterwards.
   If there are more than 50 redirects listed (rare) on the "what links here" page, don't forget to navigate to all parts of the list using the "next 50" or other links available.
   Since the article name is reflected in the lead section, that section may need to be updated to be consistent with the new name.
   If you moved an article which contains any non-free content (such as images or sound clips), you will need to edit the files' own Wikipedia page, changing the non-free use rationale to refer to the new article title. This is to ensure continued compliance with the non-free content criteria (part 10c), which if not followed, may result in the file's speedy deletion.

Once the page has been moved, this will be recorded in the Move Log and a "move has succeeded" message will be displayed.

Console and Text browsers

Warning: Many console browsers will convert text in edit boxes to the encoding in use by your terminal (or what the browser thinks is your terminal's encoding which may not be the same thing) either at page load time (links and lynx) or when editing a field (w3m). If your terminal encoding is UTF-8 this is not a problem but if your terminal is using a legacy encoding (or is using UTF-8 but your browser thinks it's using a legacy encoding) then this is likely to destroy characters that are not present in the encoding your terminal is using when you save the page after editing.


   Text only, but renders tables and frames.
   Supports HTTP authentication.
   Users can use their text editor of choice to edit textarea fields.
   Problems with editing UTF-8; set "User-agent identification" (in setup->option manager->protocols->http) to something like "Lynx/elinks/%v (textmode; %s; %t-%b)" to get non-ascii characters as hex codes.
   View is enhanced (especially of diffs) by using the following user.css and lua hook file (place in ${HOME}/.elinks and enable via option manager)


/* 1. place in ~/.elinks 2. set user css to be "user.css" (no path, relative to ~/.elinks) 3. use document colors: use 1 or 2

  • /

.diffchange {

       color: red;
       font-weight: bold;


.diff-deletedline {

       color: green;


.diff-addedline {

       color: cyan;

} {

       color: cyan;
       font-weight: bold;



--[[ lua preformatting function

1. lua has to be installed before compiling elinks; if this

  is the case, it is used by default

2. place this file in ~/.elinks

this file does:

show and element, make more evident

preformatting for wikipedia pages: since elinks ignores the

class attribute of tags, we move it into the inner



function pre_format_html_hook (url, html)

 -- formatting for   
 html = string.gsub(html, '<[sS]>', '[S:')
 html = string.gsub(html, '</[sS]>', ':S]')
 html = string.gsub(html, '<[dD][eE][lL]>', '[DEL:')
 html = string.gsub(html, '</[dD][eE][lL]>', ':DEL]')
 html = string.gsub(html, '<[iI][nN][sS]>', '[INS:')
 html = string.gsub(html, '</[iI][nN][sS]>', ':INS]')
 -- diff-addedline and diff-deletedline classes
 if string.find(url, "diff=", 1, 1) or testing then
html = string.gsub(html, '
', '
') html = string.gsub(html, '
', '
 return html



   In old versions the login may be broken. (Try to check referrer sending and cookie handling. If everything fails try to use ELinks, and check the same settings.)


   Users can use their text editor of choice to edit textarea fields (this feature needs to be enabled at compile time)
   Forces wrapping of very long lines in a textarea, which is a problem in editing some articles.
   Display options for non-ASCII characters affect editing.
   Most tables are rendered as simple text.
   Viewing of diffs and redlinks can be improved by adding the following to the lynx.lss configuration file: