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= Markup =
#REDIRECT [[Help:Editing]]
== <nowiki>== Heading 2 ==</nowiki> ==
Here is ''<nowiki>''Italic text''</nowiki>'' and here is '''<nowiki>'''Bold text'''</nowiki>'''.
Here is &lt;code><code>code-style text &amp; stuff; <em>markup is still processed.</em></code>&lt;/code>.
Here is <nowiki>{{File|/a/path/name}}</nowiki>: {{File|/a/path/name}}.
Here is <nowiki>[[Internal pagetitle|an internal pagetitle]]</nowiki>: [[Internal pagetitle|an internal pagetitle]].
Here is <nowiki>[http://www.example.org/ an external link]</nowiki>: [http://www.example.org/ an external link].
Here is an [http://bugs.alpinelinux.org/ Alpine Issue] link <nowiki>{{Issue|279}}</nowiki>: {{Issue|279}}.
Here is a footnote.<ref>Insert footnote text here.</ref>
Here is a recallable footnote.<ref name="foo">Recallable footnote.</ref>; now let's recall it.<ref name="foo" />
Here is [[File:Example.jpg|thumbnail|Caption text]]
Here is one line, followed by &lt;br /><br />
and another line.
Here is &lt;!-- a comment -->.
Here is <nowiki>{{Cmd|a command to try}}</nowiki>: {{Cmd|a command to try}}.
* Here is a bulleted list item.
# Here is a numbered list item.
<nowiki>{{Gloss|item|Body text}}</nowiki> produces:
{{Gloss|item|Body text}}
:<nowiki>:</nowiki>Simply indented text.
Here is a &lt;pre>-formatted block. <em>Markup is still processed</em> and only the first leading space is suppressed.
<nowiki>--~~~~</nowiki> gives a signature and timestamp: --[[User:Dubiousjim|Dubiousjim]] 10:00, 4 March 2012 (UTC)
= Notification boxes =
<code><nowiki>{{Tip|Write Your Tip Here.}}</nowiki></code>
{{Tip|Write Your Tip Here.}}
<code><nowiki>{{Note|Write Your Note Here.}}</nowiki></code>
{{Note|Write Your Note Here.}}
<code><nowiki>{{Warning|Write Your Warning Here.}}</nowiki></code>
{{Warning|Write Your Warning Here.}}
<code><nowiki>{{Todo|Write Your Todo-notes Here.}}</nowiki></code>
{{Todo|Write Your Todo-notes Here.}}
For other boxes, see [[Template:Box]]
<nowiki>{{Obsolete|Message.}}</nowiki> produces:
<nowiki>{{Draft|Message.}}</nowiki> produces:
= Downloads =
In general when pointing to Alpine Linux downloads stick with the '''[[Downloads|Downloads Page]]''', but if you by any meaning will need to include direct download information, do so by using one of below.
== Buttons ==
{| cellspacing="4"
|- valign="top"
|width="25%" class="ClassForFutureCSS" |
<div style="padding: .4em .9em .1em">
<p style="text-align:center"><code><nowiki>{{download|alpine}}</nowiki></code></p>
For standard</div>
|width="25%" class="ClassForFutureCSS" |
<div style="padding: .4em .9em .1em">
<p style="text-align:center"><code><nowiki>{{download|alpine-mini}}</nowiki></code></p>
For mini</div>
|width="25%" class="ClassForFutureCSS" |
<div style="padding: .4em .9em .1em">
<p style="text-align:center"><code><nowiki>{{download|alpine-vserver}}</nowiki></code></p>
For VServer</div>
|width="25%" class="ClassForFutureCSS" |
<div style="padding: .4em .9em .1em">
<p style="text-align:center"><code><nowiki>{{downloaddev|alpine}}</nowiki></code></p>
Dev standard</div>
|- valign="top"
| <div style="padding: .4em .9em .9em"><center>{{download|alpine}}</center></div>
| <div style="padding: .4em .9em .9em"><center>{{download|alpine-mini}}</center></div>
| <div style="padding: .4em .9em .9em"><center>{{download|alpine-vserver}}</center></div>
| <div style="padding: .4em .9em .9em"><center>{{downloaddev|alpine}}</center></div>
== Links ==
*<code><nowiki>{{#latestalp:alpine|url}}</nowiki></code> will give you latest download url for Alpine Linux Standard:<br/>
*<code><nowiki>{{#latestalp:alpine-mini|url}}</nowiki></code> will give you latest download url for Alpine Linux mini:<br/>
*<code><nowiki>{{#latestalp:alpine-vserver|url}}</nowiki></code> will give you latest download url for Alpine Linux VServer:<br/>
Start from <nowiki>[{{#latestalp:alpine|url}}</nowiki> Downloading latest Alpine Linux Standard], than continue ...
'''Will produce:'''<br/>
Start from [{{#latestalp:alpine|url}} Downloading latest Alpine Linux Standard], than continue ...
= Making New Templates =
In '''Template:Foo''':
'''Short description.'''
See also:
* [[:Template:Bar]]
markup ... {{{1}}} {{{2|default}}} ...
= Codeline =
This template can also be used for commands?
<nowiki>{{Codeline|apk upgrade -U}}</nowiki>
'''Will produce:'''
{{Codeline|apk upgrade -U}}

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