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Upgrading from 2.0 or 1.10.x to Alpine Linux 2.2 and later

Since the apk tool has been significantly changed you need to download and install manually the latest version of apk-tools-static. We also install busybox-static just in case something goes wrong.

If current version is 1.10.x remove GNU Wget before attempting an upgrade:

apk del wget

Download busybox-static and install it:

wget http://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v2.2/main/x86/busybox-static-1.18.4-r3.apk apk add busybox-static-1.18.4-r3.apk --update-cache

Download apk-tools-static and install it:

wget http://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v2.2/main/x86/apk-tools-static-2.1.0-r1.apk apk add apk-tools-static-2.1.0-r1.apk --update-cache

Change repositories:

Contents of /etc/apk/repositories

... http://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v2.2/main # or any other mirror

Proceed with update and upgrade:

apk.static update apk.static upgrade --available

The --available switch is used to force all packages to be upgraded, even if they have the same version number, due to changes in uClibc.

Reboot the system to load new kernel

sync reboot