Upgrading Alpine

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Upgrading Alpine

Alpine can be booted from various media.
It has also made some adjustments through time and this could also have impact on how a upgrade could be done.
These factors makes it hard to make a 'general' upgrade instruction that fits all scenarios.
The principle is still the same.

To make your upgrade easy, we now present various documents that will help you in your situation.

What is your *present* setup

You need to know...

  • what alpine version the box (that you are upgrading) is running at this moment.
    It does not matter what version you are planning to upgrade to.
  • what media you are planning to upgrade (on what media is your alpine distro at this moment).
    Choose CD, USB, HD/CF or whatever fits your setup.

Choose your current setup in the below list

alpine-1.8.x CD USB HD/CF