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== Execute upgrade script ==
#REDIRECT [[Include:Upgrading Alpine executeupgradescript]]
The new media has a 'upgrade' script found on root level on media. This 'upgrade' script needs to be executed and walked through.
You will be informed about various changes and you will be able to choose if you want to keep your old config-files or if you want to use a new.<BR>
Each setup is different, so it's hard to say what needs to be upgraded and what should be kept.
When the new media holds a updated version of configfile, you will be prompted with something that looks like this:<BR>
Quit, Next, Show diff, Edit new, Zap new, Use new (q/n/s/e/z/u) [s]:
If you choose to 'Edit new' you will use the 'vi' editor.<BR>
A short note on how you use that editor:
* '''i''' = Enter "insert" mode so you can edit the content
* '''[esc]''' = Enter CMD-mode where you can chose to save/quit
** CMD-mode has these options
*** ''':w''' = Write your changes
*** ''':q''' = Quit editor
*** ''':q!''' = Force quit even if you have changes that is still not saved

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