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=== Setup environment variables ===
#REDIRECT [[Include:Upgrading Alpine environmentvars]]
To make the documentation a bit more 'generic' we start by setting some environment variables.
{{Cmd|vi /etc/lbu/lbu.conf}}
Make sure that the variable 'LBU_MEDIA' is not commented (by removing the leading '#').<BR>
You also need to set a appropriate value for your 'LBU_MEDIA'. The media you choose will be the media where you store your settings/configuration.<BR>
{{Note|Even if you have you alpine installed on CF, HD or USB you can still choose to save your config on some other media that suits your needs. But remember that both the media where you have your alpine AND the media where you have your config need to be in your box when booting it.}}
Now that you have your '/etc/lbu/lbu.conf' configured for your needs, we will set the environment variables (note the leading '.').
{{Cmd|. /etc/lbu/lbu.conf}}
You can test if your environment variable was set
{{Cmd|echo $LBU_MEDIA}}
''It should output something like 'hda1', 'usb' or whatever you just configured''
=== Back up your config ===
Before starting to upgrade, it's wise to save your configuration.
{{Cmd|lbu ci}}

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