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== See also ==
#REDIRECT [[Include:Installing Alpine see also]]
Alpine Linux has some special applications that helps you to use it in the way you want.<BR>
Some of the first scripts you are suggested to use is:
* '''setup-alpine''' ''(Configures all basic things on your Alpine Linux)''
* '''setup-webconf''' (renamed to '''setup-acf''' in Alpine 1.9 beta 4 and later) ''(Configures ACF (webconfiguration) so you can manage your box through https)''
{{Note|Just type any of the above commands on your console and hit Enter to execute the script.}}
=== Other useful docs ===
* [[Alpine Linux package management]] ''(How to add/remove packages on your Alpine)''
* [[Alpine boot services]] ''(Configure a service to automatically boot at next reboot)''
* [[Alpine local backup]] ''(Permanently store your modifications in case your box needs reboot)''
* [[Setting up a ssh-server]] ''(Using ssh is a good way to administer your box remotely)''

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