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Template Documentation for Insecure url

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This template is intended to mark insecure URLs (e.g. HTTP URLs) that cannot be rewritten to secure URLs (e.g. HTTPS) because the destination server in question does not work for some reason.

Example usage

Wiki markup:
[http://www.example.org Example hyperlink]{{insecure url|Server times out on HTTPS}}

Which renders as:
Example hyperlink 🔓

Note: Inside a wikitable, the link and the template should be wrapped inside an HTML paragraph (i.e. <p>), otherwise mediawiki will wrap the template to the next line for some reason

For instance:
<p>[http://www.example.org Example hyperlink]{{insecure url|Server times out on HTTPS}}</p>

If a reason is given (it should be!), hovering over the open padlock icon will create a small popup displaying the reason.