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== Copy Alpine to a {{{1|Flash Medium}}} ==
#REDIRECT [[Include:Copying Alpine to Flash]]
# Insert the removable {{{1|flash medium (CF or USB stick)}}} into the computer.
# Determine the name your computer uses for your {{{1|flash medium}}}. The following step is one way to do this.
## After inserting the {{{1|flash medium}}}, run the command:
## At the end of this command you should see the name of your {{{1|flash medium}}}, likely starting with "sd". (For example: "sda").
## The remainder of this document will assume that your {{{1|flash medium}}} is called /dev/sda
# Format the {{{1|flash medium}}} with a VFAT filesystem:
{{Cmd|mkdosfs -F32 /dev/sda1
syslinux /dev/sda1}}
# Mount the Alpine Linux CD-ROM, and copy the files to the {{{1|flash medium}}}
{{Cmd|mount /media/cdrom}}
{{Cmd|cd /media/cdrom}}
{{Cmd|cp -a .alpine-release * /media/sda1/ }}

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