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     rxvt-unicode        \ # default terminal emulator
     rxvt-unicode        \ # default terminal emulator
     dmenu                \ # default application launcher
     dmenu                \ # default application launcher
     imagemagick          \ # for taking screenshots
     swaylock            \ # lockscreen tool
     ffmpeg                # for recording video from the screen
     swayidle              # idle management (DPMS) daemon

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Sway is a tiling Wayland compositor. It's a drop-in replacement for the i3 window manager.


  1. Install eudev and run setup-udev to configure it
  2. Install graphics drivers appropriate for your hardware
  3. Add yourself to the input and video groups
  4. Reboot


# apk add sway sway-doc
# apk add                \ # Install optional dependencies:
    xorg-server-xwayland \ # strongly reccommended for compatability reasons
    rxvt-unicode         \ # default terminal emulator
    dmenu                \ # default application launcher
    swaylock             \ # lockscreen tool
    swayidle               # idle management (DPMS) daemon

Note: you may be required to install sway from Edge.

Running Sway

Simply run sway from your nearest TTY's Linux console.

Configuration and Usage

An example config is provided at /etc/sway/config. Copy it to ~/.config/sway/config and read through it to learn the default keybindings.

For additional information, start at man 5 sway and read the upstream FAQ.