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Welcome to the Abuse Filter management interface. The Abuse Filter is an automated software mechanism of applying automatic heuristics to all actions. This interface shows a list of defined filters, and allows them to be modified.

All filters

Filter ID Public description Consequences Status Last modified Visibility
2 New users are not allowed to add ip addresses and phone numbers within 5 hrs of account creation Disallow Enabled 15:43, 23 October 2018 by Nangel (talk | contribs) Private
3 We see you are new here. User pages are a common place for spam. Please don't edit your user page until you've been around a while. Warn, Disallow Enabled 11:30, 10 July 2019 by Ikke (talk | contribs) Private
1 New users are not allowed to add links to the wiki for the first 5 hours after account creation. Disallow, Tag Disabled 16:35, 22 April 2020 by Nangel (talk | contribs) Private
4 Spammers not welcome Disallow, Block autopromote, Block, Remove from groups Enabled 13:20, 30 April 2020 by Nangel (talk | contribs) Private