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This document describes how to set up a Trac wiki. It is based on alpine 1.10.6 and should also be compatible with newer version.

General notes on this tutorial

In this tutorial we use these settings. These values will re-appear in various places in the upcoming example.
You can use whatever settings you like.

Path to Trac project: /var/lib/trac/myproject
Username: tracadmin
Password: secret
Password file: /var/lib/trac/myproject/users.realm
Subversion path /var/lib/subversion/myproject

Installing Trac

apk add trac

Create a Subversion repository

Next we create an SVN repository to be connected to Trac:

mkdir /var/lib/subversion

svnadmin create /var/lib/subversion/myproject

Creating a Project Environment

Now lets initiate the environment

trac-admin /var/lib/trac/myproject initenv

  • Enter some project name when prompted
  • Leave default sqlite DB (just press enter)
  • Enter 'svn' as repository type
  • Enter subversion repository path: /var/lib/subversion/myproject

Configuring Authentication/Security

Create password-file

You need to create a password file containing this information

echo -n "" | md5sum >> /var/lib/trac/myproject/users.htdigest

Now you need to edit the passwordfile '/var/lib/trac/myproject/users.htdigest' and append the username and realm in plaintext.
Note: Note that you need to remove the "-" and whitespaces at the end of the row.


Next is to give admin-rights to your 'tractester' account

trac-admin /var/lib/trac/myproject permission add tractester TRAC_ADMIN

Running/Testing the Standalone Server

Lets test if your password-file and other configurations worked as they are supposed to.
In case something is broken, this test would give you a hint on what's wrong.

tracd --port 8000 --auth=*,/var/lib/trac/myproject/users.htdigest, /var/lib/trac/myproject

Try connect to trac with webbrowser on http://localhost:8000


Edit '/etc/conf.d/tracd' and configure your variables

TRACD_OPTS="--auth=*,/var/lib/trac/myproject/users.htdigest, /var/lib/trac/myproject"

Set ownership to be tracd

chown -R tracd:tracd /var/lib/trac


Now you could start customizing your trac by editing '/var/lib/trac/myproject/conf/trac.ini'.


Now it's time to fire up your trac.

/etc/init.d/tracd start


To create a backup of a live TracEnvironment, simply run:

trac-admin /var/lib/trac/myproject hotcopy /path/to/backupdir


Make it start during boot.

rc-update add tracd