Setting up A Network Monitoring and Inventory System

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This material is work-in-progress ...

Do not follow instructions here until this notice is removed.
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Setting up Nagios, OpenAudit and related services for Monitoring and Inventory

This guide will set up (list subject to change):


Basic concept is to combine the above apps/utilities to create an easy to set up and low upkeep monitoring system that also tracks inventory thanks to OpenAudit. Redundant entries in configs will be kept to a minimum (hopefully). New devices should be auto-added to monitoring systems, along with associated services (for example, a Windows server running MS Exchange might have basic services such as CPU load, HD free space, running services and Exchange queues monitored, whereas a router running on Alpine Linux would might need the routing table, throughput, and opennhrp monitored). Also, software licensing should be monitored so that Windows boxes do not exceed purchased licenses.

Progress Log

Setup up server with Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.2.9-1, and MySQL 5.1.32. Added NTLM single-sign on authentication for all virtual hosts for any authenticated user for internal Windows domain. Installed OpenAudit ReleaseCandidate 09.03.17 and tested that Windows workstations can be successfully audited.
Set up test cacti system and made sure the basics work with the new aport.
SNMPTT receives snmp traps properly and sends them on to Nagios but they aren't parsed in any way yet.
Next step: Test OpenAudit device auto-discovery (workstations, servers, network devices).