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This is a test area.


Warning: Alpine Linux 3.x is using a different libc implementation compared to previous versions. Musl libc is not ABI compatible with uClibc. Additional steps are required for an upgrade.

Installing statically linked tools

Statically linked versions of busybox and apk are needed, otherwise they will stop working after libc upgrade.

apk add busybox-static apk-tools-static

Changing repositories to v3.x

To begin, you need to update your /etc/apk/repositories file. Here are some shortcuts for doing so:

  • Launch


    Enter e to edit /etc/apk/repositories. Change the version number by hand.
  • Or, edit the file in place. This is how you'd change v2.7 to v3.0:

    sed -i -e 's/v2\.7/v3.0/g' /etc/apk/repositories

Upgrading system

Use statically linked version of apk to update content of repository:

apk.static update

Simulating upgrade is recommended in order to detect issues beforehand:

apk.static upgrade --no-self-upgrade --simulate

With no problems encountered or after resolving them, start proper upgrade:

apk.static upgrade --no-self-upgrade