Release Notes for Alpine 3.13.0

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Deprecation of berkley db

Oracle has changed the license of bdb to AGPL, making it unsuitable to link it to packages with a GPG incompatible license. This means we decided to remove the package from aports and fix all dependent packages.

For postfix, this means using lmdb and dropping support for hash and btree databases. Before upgrading, update all references of these types in /etc/postfix/ to lmdb

Switching from busybox ifupdown to ifupdown-ng

Alpine Linux switched from the busybox ifupdown to ifupdown-ng as default implementation. This version is compatible with debian ifupdown and busybox ifupdown, but please read the readme and the admin guide.


GCC has been updated to version 10. Noteworthy changes are two options that are enabled by default now: -fno-common and -fstrict-aliasing, which may cause build issues for projects that have not been fixed yet.


Removed applets

These applets are rarely used and often better served using the full version.

  • hdparm: Provided by the hdparm
  • conspy: No alternative package. If you require conspy, feel free to make a package request
  • fdformat: Provided by util-linux
  • readprofile Provided by util-linux


Man page

apk-tools now has an official man-page. You can install it with apk add apk-tools-docs, or apk add docs to automatically install all man pages for installed packages.