Release Notes for Alpine 3.11.0 (ideas)

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List of possible release notes for 3.11.0

Notable Changes

Rust now on almost all arches

Thanks to contributor Cogitri Rust >= 1.37.0-r0 is now enabled on all arches except s390x and ppc64le

Vulkan support

Thanks to PureTryOut the following changes have been made:

Thanks to Leo the following changes have been made:

KDE Plasma and other KGoodies

Thanks to PureTryOut for moving the packages from the testing repository to the community repository and the people that tested it.

MinGW-w64 and DXVK support

Thanks to Leo the MinGW suite up to mingw-w64-gcc is packaged and together with it DXVK. The following MinGW packages are now available:

/var/mail now default MAIL location

Packages now all use /var/mail instead of /var/spool/mail, in accordance with FHS:

NOTE: Upgrading from 3.10 to 3.11 requires manual intervention, /var/spool/mail needs to be moved to /var/mail

  • alpine-baselayout >= 3.2.0-r0 now creates /var/mail and symlinks /var/spool/mail to it
  • tcsh >= 6.21.00-r0 now sets MAILDIR to /var/mail/$USER if it exists
  • mutt >= 1.12.1-r1 is now configured to use /var/mail instead of /var/spool/mail
  • heirloom-mailx >= 12.4-r7 now uses /var/mail
  • opensmtpd >= 6.0.3p1-r4 now uses /var/mail
  • s-nail >= 14.9.13-r2 now uses /var/mail

Changes in abuild

The following changes have been made in abuild:

Fix condition check for -dev subpackage to get static libraries

Before this fix abuild would include the static libraries in the -dev subpackage even when -static was defined in subpackages, causing the latter to fail.

Now the check is properly done.

default_static now depends on depends_static

default_static used to completely cancel out any dependencies but now it depends on all packages listed in the depends_static variable.

newapkbuild -y now depends on py3-setuptools instead of python3-dev

When using newapkbuild to make py3- packages the default definition now includes only py3-setuptools instead of python3-dev as the first one is used in almost all cases while python3-dev is used only when linking to the python3 library.

Better checking of SPDX compliance

Abuild now checks the /usr/share/spdx/license.lst more accurately, before the new check it would not match the whole line and wrong definitions like 'GPL-3.0' would match while the only valid ones in that case were 'GPL-3.0-or-later' and 'GPL-3.0-only'.