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xtables-addons-grsec-1.17-r14   (1.17-r13)
xtables-addons-grsec-1.17-r14   (1.17-r13)

Latest revision as of 06:00, 12 March 2012

Release Notes for Alpine 1.9.0 rc5

Download from http://dl-3.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v1.9/iso/

  • Kernel firmware was splitted out to separate package. This will allow installing different kernel flavors at the same time.
  • Initramfs images and kernel links are generated from mkinitfs trigger rather than from post-install/upgrade. (bug #171)
  • The kernel /boot/grsec was renamed to /boot/vmlinuz-grsec and the intiramfs image /boot/grsec.gz was renamed to /boot/initramfs-grsec

Removed packages:

New packages:

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version):
acf-fetchmail-0.4.1-r0			   (0.4.0-r0)
acf-openssh-0.2.2-r0			   (0.2.1-r0)
acf-postfix-0.2.3-r0			   (0.2.2-r0)
acf-ppp-0.1.2-r0			   (0.1.1-r0)
acf-squid-0.5.1-r0			   (0.5.0-r0)
acf-weblog-0.4.6-r1			   (0.4.4-r0)
alpine-conf-2.0_rc6-r0			   (2.0_rc5-r1)
asterisk-			   (
asterisk-doc-		   (
asterisk-odbc-		   (
asterisk-pgsql-		   (
asterisk-tds-		   (
clamsmtp-1.10-r6			   (1.10-r5)
clamsmtp-doc-1.10-r6			   (1.10-r5)
dahdi-linux-grsec-2.2.0-r18		   (2.2.0-r17)
dahdi-linux-grsec-dev-2.2.0-r18		   (2.2.0-r17)
device-mapper-2.02.52-r0		   (2.02.51-r0)
dhcpcd-5.1.1-r0				   (5.0.7-r0)
dhcpcd-doc-5.1.1-r0			   (5.0.7-r0)
dovecot-1.2.5-r0			   (1.2.4-r1)
dovecot-doc-1.2.5-r0			   (1.2.4-r1)
glib-2.20.5-r0				   (2.20.4-r2)
glib-doc-2.20.5-r0			   (2.20.4-r2)
htop-0.8.3-r0				   (0.8.1-r2)
htop-doc-0.8.3-r0			   (0.8.1-r2)
iscsitarget-grsec-0.4.17-r16		   (0.4.17-r15)
kqemu-grsec-1.4.0_pre1-r9		   (1.4.0_pre1-r8)
libnet-1.1.4-r0				   (
linux-grsec-			   (
linux-grsec-dev-		   (
lvm2-2.02.52-r0				   (2.02.51-r0)
lvm2-doc-2.02.52-r0			   (2.02.51-r0)
mkinitfs-2.0_rc5-r1			   (2.0_rc5-r0)
wget-1.12-r0				   (1.11.4-r1)
wget-doc-1.12-r0			   (1.11.4-r1)
xtables-addons-grsec-1.17-r14		   (1.17-r13)