Release Notes for Alpine 1.7.7

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New kernels

Default kernel is now based on the Gentoo hardened-sources-2.6.22-r7. This also means that for now, floppy support is discontinued. The 2.6.22 kernel is so much bigger so I have to give up trying to fit it into a floppy.

New vserver kernel is used, based on linux- and vs2.2.0.4.

Support for encrypted configs

Support for encryption was added to lbu, thanks to Alexander Poslavsky. To encrypt your apkovl, use the -e option to lbu. During next boot you will be prompted for a password. If you forget your password, there is no way to restore your configs so please use this new feature with care.

There was also added an /etc/lbu/lbu.conf file where its possible to store some commonly used options. For example, by specifying LBU_MEDIA=floppy you can use 'lbu ci' instead of 'lbu ci floppy'. This way you don't need ot remeber what boxes has its config on floppy and what has them on usb.

As ususal there are lots of maintenence updates as well. The complete list of package changes follows:

Removed packages:

New pacakges:

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version):
acpid-1.0.6-r1                 (1.0.4-r5)
alpine-baselayout-1.6.1        (1.6.0)
alpine-conf-1.1                (1.0)
attr-2.4.38                    (2.4.32)
baselayout-2.0.0_rc5           (2.0.0_rc4-r1)
binutils-2.18-r1               (2.17-r1)
busybox-1.7.2                  (1.7.1)
bwm-ng-0.6                     (0.5)
chntpw-         (
cracklib-2.8.10                (2.8.9-r1)
dhcpcd-3.1.5-r1                (3.0.16-r1)
dircproxy-1.0.5-r1             (1.0.5)
dnscache-1.05-r21              (1.05-r19)
dnsmasq-2.40                   (2.39)
drbd-8.0.6-r1                  (8.0.6)
ed-0.8                         (0.6)
ethtool-6                      (5)
findutils-4.3.8-r1             (4.3.8)
fuse-2.7.0                     (2.6.4-r1)
gawk-3.1.5-r5                  (3.1.5-r3)
hdparm-7.7                     (7.6)
hexedit-1.2.12                 (1.2.10)
iproute2-       (
iputils-20070202               (20060512)
jfsutils-1.1.8                 (1.1.7)
keepalived-1.1.15              (1.1.13-r1)
libpcre-7.3-r1                 (6.6)
libpng-1.2.21-r3               (1.2.18-r1)
libusb-0.1.12-r1               (0.1.12)
libvorbis-1.2.0                (1.1.2-r1)
madwifi-ng-tools-       (
ngircd-0.10.3                  (0.10.2)
ntfs3g-1.810                   (1.0)
ntfsprogs-1.13.1-r1            (1.13.1)
olsrd-0.5.4                    (0.5.3)
openldap-2.3.38                (2.3.35-r1)
openssl-0.9.8f                 (0.9.8e-r2)
openswan-2.4.9-r1              (2.5.15)
openswan-doc-2.4.9-r1          (2.4.9)
openswan25-2.5.15-r1           (2.5.15)
parted-1.8.8                   (1.7.1-r1)
pax-utils-0.1.16               (0.1.15)
paxctl-0.5                     (0.4)
php-5.2.4_p20070914-r2         (5.2.4_pre200708051230-r2)
ppp-2.4.4-r13                  (2.4.4-r9)
psmisc-22.5-r2                 (22.5-r1)
python-2.4.4-r5                (2.4.4-r4)
readline-5.2_p7                (5.2_p4)
sqlite-3.4.1                   (3.3.17)
squid-2.6.16                   (2.6.13-r1)
sysstat-8.0.0                  (7.0.4-r2)
tar-1.18-r2                    (1.15.1-r1)
tinydns-1.05-r21               (1.05-r19)
ucarp-1.3                      (1.2)
uclibc++-0.2.2-r1              (0.2.1)
uclibc++-dev-0.2.2             (0.2.1)
uclibc-             (
uclibc-dev-         (
usbutils-0.72-r4               (0.71-r1)
util-linux-2.12r-r8            (2.12r-r7)
util-vserver-0.30.214          (0.30.212-r2)
wireshark-0.99.6-r1            (0.99.6)