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As usual, download iso images and tarballs for USB from distrib-coffe.

This is a bugfix release.

upgrade from ipsec-tools-cvs

Previous release could cause loss of packages during upgrade if there was a package that was removed, for example ipsec-tools-cvs. This was fixed in this release.

apk-tools fixes

  • fix apk_glob where db was uncompressed
  • fix apk_add to not try install 2 versions of same package when installing package by path.

ipp2p rollback

the xtables-addons was reported to not work at all with bittorent atleast. This alpine release have the old ipp2p and old iptables.

ACF fixes

  • new version of plot.
  • the realtime network graph fixes for firefox.
  • log tail fixes for firefox.

quagga fix

Quagga 0.99.11 is broken. Someone reported checksum algorithm was broken and bgp routes got mysteriously lost. A patch from quagga git that reverted the checksum algorithm which seems to correct the problem was applied.

Removed packages:

New pacakges:

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version):
acf-alpine-baselayout-0.4.8		  (0.4.7)
acf-chrony-0.1.9			  (0.1.8)
acf-core-0.4.18				  (0.4.17)
acf-opennhrp-0.3.11			  (0.3.10)
alpine-baselayout-1.13.1		  (1.13)
apk-tools-0.15.2			  (0.15.1-r1)
iptables-1.4.0-r1			  (1.4.2-r1)
quagga-0.99.11-r1			  (0.99.11)