Release Notes for Alpine 1.10.4

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Some highlights:

  • updated kernel
  • r8169 driver fixes
  • openssl padlock and via nano support
  • security fixes
  • updated QOS script
  • updated asterisk and related packages

Package changes since 1.10.3

Removed packages:

New packages:

Upgraded/downgraded packages (from version):
acf-opennhrp-0.6.1-r0			  (0.6.0-r0)
alpine-conf-2.4-r0			  (2.3-r0)
apk-tools-2.0.3-r0			  (2.0.2-r0)
asterisk-			  (
asterisk-odbc-		  (
asterisk-pgsql-		  (
asterisk-tds-			  (
dahdi-linux-grsec-		  (
iproute2-qos-0.4-r0			  (0.3-r0)
ipsec-tools-0.8_alpha20090903-r7	  (0.8_alpha20090903-r6)
iscsitarget-grsec-		  (
libcrypto-0.9.8o-r1			  (0.9.8n-r0)
libpri-			  (1.4.11_alpha1-r0)
linux-firmware-		  (
linux-grsec-		  (
nano-2.2.4-r0				  (2.2.2-r0)
openssl-0.9.8o-r1			  (0.9.8n-r0)
xtables-addons-grsec-	  (