RPI Video Receiver

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Raspberry Pi Video Receiver

Main benefits of using Alpine Linux is that the SD/MMC is mounted read-only always. It will not wear out, and it's safe to power-off the device any time. Additionally the boot process has been made pro-looking so that only the splash screen is displayed.

The boot time is about 60 seconds. It should speed up with ~10 seconds after https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64766 is fixed.

Quick demo:

The overlay image contains the following changes:

  • fbsplash.ppm provide the splash screen with alpine logo
  • cmdline.txt has "blacklist=fbcon" appended to disable video console
  • and a default overlay is provided to play BBC world news
  • root password is set to 'rpi'

The configuration overlay basically is constructed as:

apk add openssh chrony omxplayer
vi /etc/network/interfaces        # eth0 configured for dhcp
vi /etc/conf.d/omxplayer          # to configure TV-channel URL
rc-update add networking
rc-update add chronyd
rc-update add sshd
rc-update add omxplayer
rm /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*            # so you get new ssh key on boot
lbu commit