Pine64 A64 LTS

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It doesn't boot yet
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Since the 3.10.0 release, Alpine Linux includes u-boot support for the Pine64 A64LTS. The linux-vanilla kernel is still too old to boot it, however this page describes how to install the system for once the kernel is upgraded.

The generic ARM image should be used. Make sure your sdcard is empty before you install Alpine Linux, as all it's contents will be removed!

  1. download the generic ARM image and unpack it somewhere
  2. write u-boot to the sdcard <unpacked folder>/u-boot/pine64-lts/dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/path/to/sdcard bs=1024 seek=8
  3. create a new partition on the sdcard starting from sector 2048, set it as bootable
  4. format it to ext4 (or any other filesystem that u-boot supports booting from)
  5. copy over the apk, boot and extlinux folders from the extracted archive to the new partition

Alpine Linux should now boot on your device.