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The Alpine Newbie Ecosystem is documentation designed, as the name says, for new users of Alpine. All pages will be some kind of guide to form a manual for Alpine Linux.

Alpine is the OS (Operating System), that runs on your machine. Programs such as a web browser run on the OS, and web pages like "" are handled by the web browser.

Keep in mind that today due to the great popularity of Docker, Alpine Linux is one of the most deployed operating systems currently in use, because within every other operating system that uses docker, the docker image it uses is almost always Alpine Linux.

The User Alpine Newbie Ecosystem:
Component Description Targeted
Alpine newbie overall and install Basic guide on what Alpine Linux is, whats similar and different about it compared to other operating systems.

After the introduction, there is a brief guide on the installation process.

  • New users,
  • For Linux and non-Linux users alike!
Alpine newbie apk packages Alpine packages, the "apk" command line tool that indexes, retrieves and installs sets of precompiled software for your installation.
  • Users familiar with linux,
  • Users with some Alpine Linux experience
Alpine newbie desktops As a minimal distribution, Alpine needs only a minimal desktop environment, so XFCE is the official desktop. Thanks to the community there are many options now. LXDE and MATE are currently available.
  • Users familiar with Linux,
  • Users with some Linux experience
Alpine newbie developer Alpine development stack: Alpine Linux is the most used Linux for deploying software, making it a good choice if you are a developer.
  • Intermediate Alpine users,
  • Users with a decent amount of Alpine Linux experience
Alpine newbie lamers As a security focused Linux distribution, is Alpine enough to become a "l33t haxor?" You must persist and gain knowledge, have respect and you will gain respect from your community.
  • High level Alpine users,
  • Users with considerable Alpine Linux experience

Tutorial series

Optional reading: What to read next
FAQ Alpine newbie

Installation: Alpine newbie overall and install

Postinstall: Alpine newbie desktops

Deploy and production: Alpine newbie developer

Developers: compilers, IDE's and tools

Servers: deploy in production

New users community and social networks

Here are our social networks for newbie users:

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