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KDE is a software project comprising a desktop environment known as Plasma, a collection of libraries and frameworks known as KDE Frameworks, and several applications known as KDE Applications. Their UserBase wiki has detailed information about most KDE Applications.

Note that Plasma isn't available for the ppc64le and s390x architectures due to the qt5-qtwebengine dependency not being available there. KDE Frameworks however is and so are several KDE Applications.



Before installation, make sure Xorg is setup.


Install the plasma meta-package. This will install the required Plasma packages and sddm and pre-configure it to use the Breeze theme. Alternatively a more minimal installation can be done by installing plasma-desktop.

KDE Applications

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A KDE Applications meta packages has yet to be made
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Starting Plasma

Plasma can be started using a display manager or from the console.

Using a display manager

When Plasma is installed via the plasma meta-package, this has already been setup using sddm.

  • Select Plasma to launch a new session in Xorg
  • Select Plasma (Wayland) to launch a new session in Wayland

From the console

The Xorg session can be launched by installing xinit and appending exec startkde to your .xinitrc file. Then just start X.


For the Wayland session run

XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland dbus-run-session startplasmacompositor