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= Alpine Linux on CD =
#REDIRECT [[Installation]]
Because this doc will describe on how you get Alpine Linux to boot from CD, you should prepare by doing:
* [[Downloads|Download]] a iso-file containing Alpine Linux ''(e.g. {{#latestalp:alpine|url}})''
* Make sure you have a program on you computer that can burn iso-files onto a CD ''(See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_image_software)''
* Get a empty CD ''(Label it "Alpine Linux")''
== Preparing the media ==
Start by burning the ISO-image onto your empty CD using your ISO-image burning software.
== Boot Alpine ==
Put your Alpine Linux CD in a computer that can boot from CD.<BR>
{{Note|You might need to change boot-order in your BIOS-settings in order to boot from CD.}}
When your computer has booted you will get prompted for a username.<BR>
On a clean Alpine Linux you just enter '''root''' and no password and you will get logged on to your Alpine linux.

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