Install Alpine on VirtualBox

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This is work in progress

How To Install Alpine on VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a Sun/Oracle virtualization product for x86 architecture. This document describes one way to install alpine to that platform.

Before You Start

First [{{#latestalp:alpine|url}} download latest Alpine CD image].

Create the Virtual Machine

Start by creating new VM and setting it to run linux with 2.6 series kernel. Alpine-vbox-1.png Set amount of memory. Since alpine runs in memory the recommended 256 MB might be too little. Alpine-vbox-2.png Create a disk. I wanted to emulate a Compact Flash system, so the setting is 2GB. This could be much higher if you like. Alpine-vbox-3.png Alpine-vbox-4.png Alpine-vbox-5.png

See Also

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