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To build a package, abuild is used. Besides the package building functionality, options for other package maintainance tasks are also provided.

If you just want to build a package from an APKBUILD file, only those two command are needed.

abuild checksum && abuild -r

To use the command above, you have to be in the abuild group.

Below all options and commands for abuild are listed.

abuild [options] [-P REPODEST] [-s SRCDEST] [-D DESCRIPTION] [cmd] ...

abuild options

  • -A Print CARCH and exit
  • -c Enable colored output
  • -d Disable dependency checking
  • -D Set APKINDEX description (default: $repo $(git describe))
  • -f Force specified cmd (skip checks: apk up to date, arch, libc)
  • -F Force run as root
  • -h Show this help
  • -i Install PKG after successful build
  • -k Keep built packages, even if APKBUILD or sources are newer
  • -K Keep buildtime temp dirs and files (srcdir/pkgdir/deps)
  • -m Disable colors (monochrome)
  • -P Set REPODEST as the repository location for created packages
  • -q Quiet
  • -r Install missing dependencies from system repository (using sudo)
  • -s Set source package destination directory
  • -u Recursively build and upgrade all dependencies (using sudo)
  • -v Verbose: show every command as it is run (very noisy)

abuild commands

  • build Compile and install package into $pkgdir
  • check Run any defined tests concerning the package
  • checksum Generate checksum to be included in APKBUILD
  • clean Remove temp build and install dirs
  • cleancache Remove downloaded files from $SRCDEST
  • cleanoldpkg Remove binary packages except current version
  • cleanpkg Remove already built binary and source package
  • deps Install packages listed in makedepends and depends
  • fetch Fetch sources to $SRCDEST and verify checksums
  • index Regenerate indexes in $REPODEST
  • listpkg List target packages
  • package Create package in $PKGDEST
  • prepare Apply patches
  • rootbld Build package in clean chroot
  • rootpkg Run 'package', the split functions and create apks as fakeroot
  • sanitycheck Basic sanity check of APKBUILD
  • snapshot Create a $giturl or $svnurl snapshot and upload to $disturl
  • sourcecheck Check if remote source package exists upstream
  • srcpkg Make a source package
  • undeps Uninstall packages listed in makedepends and depends
  • unpack Unpack sources to $srcdir
  • up2date Compare target and sources dates
  • verify Verify checksums

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