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* '''verify'''      Verify checksums  
* '''verify'''      Verify checksums  
= See also =
==== See also ====
* [[Abuild and Helpers]]
* [[Abuild and Helpers]]
[[category: Package Manager]]
[[category: Package Manager]]

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To build a package, abuild is used. Besides the package building functionality, options for other package maintainance tasks are also provided.

If you just want to build a package from an APKBUILD file, only two command are needed.

First cd into the package directory (the directory with the APKBUILD file). Then run:

abuild checksum && abuild -r

To use the command above, you have to be in the abuild group. Also, if you haven't already, you will need to setup your abuild environment.

Below all options and commands for abuild are listed.

abuild [options] [-P REPODEST] [-s SRCDEST] [-D DESCRIPTION] [cmd] ...

abuild options

  • -A Print CARCH and exit
  • -c Enable colored output
  • -d Disable dependency checking
  • -D Set APKINDEX description (default: $repo $(git describe))
  • -f Force specified cmd (skip checks: apk up to date, arch, libc)
  • -F Force run as root
  • -h Show this help
  • -i Install PKG after successful build
  • -k Keep built packages, even if APKBUILD or sources are newer
  • -K Keep buildtime temp dirs and files (srcdir/pkgdir/deps)
  • -m Disable colors (monochrome)
  • -P Set REPODEST as the repository location for created packages
  • -q Quiet
  • -r Install missing dependencies from system repository (using sudo)
  • -s Set source package destination directory
  • -u Recursively build and upgrade all dependencies (using sudo)
  • -v Verbose: show every command as it is run (very noisy)

abuild commands

  • build Compile and install package into $pkgdir
  • check Run any defined tests concerning the package
  • checksum Generate checksum to be included in APKBUILD
  • clean Remove temp build and install dirs
  • cleancache Remove downloaded files from $SRCDEST
  • cleanoldpkg Remove binary packages except current version
  • cleanpkg Remove already built binary and source package
  • deps Install packages listed in makedepends and depends
  • fetch Fetch sources to $SRCDEST and verify checksums
  • index Regenerate indexes in $REPODEST
  • listpkg List target packages
  • package Create package in $PKGDEST
  • prepare Apply patches
  • rootbld Build package in clean chroot
  • rootpkg Run 'package', the split functions and create apks as fakeroot
  • sanitycheck Basic sanity check of APKBUILD
  • snapshot Create a $giturl or $svnurl snapshot and upload to $disturl
  • sourcecheck Check if remote source package exists upstream
  • srcpkg Make a source package
  • undeps Uninstall packages listed in makedepends and depends
  • unpack Unpack sources to $srcdir
  • up2date Compare target and sources dates
  • verify Verify checksums

See also