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#REDIRECT [[Alpine Linux package management#Local_Cache]]
#REDIRECT [[Alpine Linux package management#Local_Cache]]
[[Category:Package Manager]]
== Enabling Package Caching ==
{{Note|This document applies to Alpine 1.9 and later versions only}}
Package caching is useful when the need arises to upgrade packages on read-only media. Package caching allows you to store newer packages in a location on writable media, which Alpine checks for when loading packages on start-up.
This can be enabled either from the console or through the ACF.
{{Tip|For package upgrades, it is useful to point Alpine Package Manager to repositories on the internet, to easily obtain package upgrades when they become available.}}
== Enable caching from either console or ACF ==
Choose one of the two methods below to enable, either from the console or from the ACF web interface.
=== Option 1: Enable caching from the console ===
''Substitute 'sda1' in the example below for the actual device you will use to store the caching directory.''
First upgrade apk-tools:
{{Cmd|apk add –u apk-tools}}
Now enable package caching:
{{Cmd|mkdir –p /media/sda1/cache
ln –s /media/sda1/cache /etc/apk/cache}}
=== Option 2: From the ACF ===
Browse to '''System > Packages > Cache'''
''Edit Cache Settings:''
Tick '''Enable Cache'''
Specify the '''Cache Directory''', for example:
Click '''Save'''

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