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* [[Setting_up_dovecot_with_imap_and_ssl]] | ''Secure way to fetch you mail from the mailer daemon''
* [[Setting_up_dovecot_with_imap_and_ssl]] | ''Secure way to fetch you mail from the mailer daemon''
* [[Setting_up_dovecot_with_imap_and_tls]] | ''Secure way to fetch you mail from the mailer daemon''
=== Other Mail-related documents ===
=== Other Mail-related documents ===

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Alpine suits well for hosting email-, web- or other network-related services.
Your biggest task is to figure out what you want your system to do.

Preparing Alpine

First you need to get alpine up and running.
Follow the Installing_Alpine instructions on how to get your Alpine booted.

If nothing else is mentioned in the below instructions, you should use latest stable release (at this moment it's alpine-1.8.3-i386.iso or alpine-1.8.3-i386.tar.gz).

vserver or not

vserver itself has nothing to do with the various services.
But if you intend to run multiple services on same box (e.g. mail and webhosting) it might be wise to run the various services in separate vserver-guests.


We split the 'Mail' section into various tasks.
One task is to gather and process mail. Some other task would be to prevent spam and virus etc.
Finally we need to make sure the user can fetch/read his mail.

Receive mail

Processing mail - Virus protection

Processing mail - Spam protection

Delivering mail to the user

Other Mail-related documents