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Manual Setup

The installation of gitolite is relatively easy on alpine Linux. Bellow is the method to install gitolite on a user account.

  1. Log into root user
  2. apk add perl bash git nano

  3. adduser -s /bin/bash -S git

  4. su - git

  5. On your local machine make a ssh key

    ssh-keygen -t

  6. Next run

    scp ~/.ssh/

    on your local machine
  7. On the remote machine type

    git clone git://

  8. gitolite/src/gl-system-install

  9. you will receive an error message, to fix add the path it gives you in a new file called .bash_profile.

    nano /home/git/.bash_profile

  10. add the line and save Ctrl+X
  11. logout and then back into the git user
  12. gl-setup

  13. on your local machine you can now

    git clone

  14. on your local machine you can now edit your config files then commit them and push them back to the server

Im a brand new alpine user and was able to get it working using the above instructions, hope this will help someone else!