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To be able to create and contribute by creating your own alpine iso you need different components.
#REDIRECT [[Creating_an_Alpine_package]]
These components are listed below with a short description of what it's all about.<BR>
Each section has a link to a more detailed description or howto.
== '''[[Setting_up_the_build_environment|Build environment]]''' ==
The [[Setting_up_the_build_environment|build environment]] makes it possible to create and modify alpine.<BR>
You need this to be able to build packages, iso's, and other files.
== '''[[Description_of_the_aports_tree|aports]]''' ==
The [[Description_of_the_aports_tree|aports tree]] is a set of files and folders that contains scripts needed to build/create a package.<BR>
This package (called 'apk') can then be installed and used by Alpine.

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