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This document is for developer who has ssh login and write access to the git repositories.
#REDIRECT [[Development_using_git]]
== Personal settings ==
Unless you already done so, start by setting up name and email address for the git commits.
{{Cmd|git config --global "Your Full Name"
git config --global ""}}
== Git Clone ==
Some examples:
{{Cmd|git clone ssh://
git clone ssh://}}
== Git Push (Distributed Workflows) ==
If working with [ Distributed Workflows] you would 'pull' from public repo, 'push' to another publically accessable repo ''(where you have write access)'', main developer ''(who has write access to public repo)'' 'pulls' you changes from your pub.accessed.repo into the public repo.
To make it easier for you to work, you can configure 'git push' to push your work to your publically accessable repo ''('git pull' would still pull from same repo as you cloned from)''.
{{cmd|cd /your/private/repo/where/you/work/reponame
git config remote.origin.pushurl "ssh://user@dev.alpinelinux/home/user/cgit/reponame.git"}}
Now 'git pull' pulls the public repo, and 'git push' pushes to '''your''' public repo.
{{Note|The path where you want to push to should first be prepared with 'git clone --bare ...' as described below in section 'Upload the new project'}}
== Git Tag ==
Create an annotated tag and push it.
{{Cmd|git tag -a ''tagname'' -m'commit message (e.g release 1.x)'
git push && git push --tags}}
== Create new project ==
Create your own dir that you want to become your new acf-mystuff project.
cd acf-mystuff
git init}}
Create your files and add/commit them to your git-project
{{git add ./
git commit}}
{{Note|You can add/modify/commit as much as you want before uploading it to}}
=== Upload the new project ===
{{Cmd|<nowiki>cd ..
git clone --bare acf-mystuff acf-mystuff.git
echo "My acf-mystuff repo" > acf-mystuff.git/description
echo "section=Developer user" > acf-mystuff.git/cgitrc
scp -r acf-mystuff.git</nowiki>}}
{{Note|The 'description' and 'cgitrc' are needed to make cgit publish information about your repo}}
More details found when reading [[Publish developer repositories on cgit]].

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