Development using git:Developer repositories

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Some git repositories of Alpine developer are hosted at Developers who has no push access to the offical aports repo can has a developer aports repo that can be used as a staging area. Developers with push access can review and pull from this or can choose to reject if the changes needs more fixing.

Git Push (Distributed Workflows)

If working with Distributed Workflows you would 'pull' from public repository, 'push' to another publically accessible repository (where you have write access), main developer (who has write access to public repository) 'pulls' you changes from your publically accessed repository into the public repository.

To make it easier for you to work, you can configure 'git push' to push your work to your publically accessible repository ('git pull' would still pull from same repository as you cloned from).

cd /your/private/repo/where/you/work/reponame git config remote.origin.pushurl "ssh://user@dev.alpinelinux/home/user/cgit/reponame.git"

Now 'git pull' pulls the public repository and 'git push' pushes to your public repository.

Note: The path where you want to push to should first be prepared with

git clone --bare ...

as described below in section 'Upload the new project'