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== Stashing ==
== Stashing ==

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git stash

if you want to "hide" your changes. Do this if you think there may be other commits against the same things you are working on and want to refresh your local checkout (using a git pull --rebase) from the master. Use git stash apply to get your stash back.

Reset your local repository

git checkout -f master

if you think your tree is pretty hopeless, need a kill-and-fill to bring the master into your local repository. You will lose local changes.

List the local branch

You can now list your local branch by doing

git branch

which should ouput

* master

List your local non committed changes

git status


Now you can start to work on your tree. As soon as you feel you have reached a step in development where you can commit your work locally, use

git commit -a


git commit <specific files>


git add <specific files> git commit

If you wish to give credit to someone else's work (e.g. you are applying a third party patch):

git commit <specific files> --author "Name Surname <user@example.com>

The format of the commit message should be:

One-line description that's less than 72 chars long
<second line empty>
Optional longer description with explanation why changes were made. Links to relevant issues
in Bugtracker can be done with:

  ref #<issuenumber>

It is also possible to resolve issues with:

  fixes #<issuenumber>

Think of first line as the subject in an email and the third line and on as the body of the email, describing what the commit does. You don't need the long description but the first line, the short description should be there as it will be showed in the commit log.

Tip: You can add the following line to your ~/.vimrc:
autocmd FileType gitcommit set textwidth=72

List your commits

git log

Keeping your local working branch in sync

Pull the changes from upstream (git.alpinelinux.org)

git pull --rebase

Tip: You can tell git to use rebase, rather than merge (means that '--rebase' would automatically be issued at 'git pull').
Run the command:

git config branch.origin.rebase true

Next time you do 'git pull' you are actually doing a 'git pull --rebase'.

Git Tag

Create an annotated tag and push it.

git tag -a tagname -m 'commit message (e.g release 1.x)' git push && git push --tags

Create a new project

Create your own directory that you want to become your new acf-mystuff project.

mkdir acf-mystuff cd acf-mystuff git init

Create your files and add/commit them to your git-project

git add ./ git commit