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Git is now being used for version control of the alpine-baselayout and alpine-conf packages.

Git Clone

To get started, clone the git repository for the package you are interested in:

 git clone git://
 git clone git://

Make your changes.

To prepare a patch:

git diff > short-description-of-change.patch

This diff can be sent to mailing list.

Migrate a subversion repository to git

Start with creating a users.txt file where the svn users are mapped to an email address for git.

echo "ncopa = Natanael Copa <>" > users.txt

Create a temp work area.

mkdir proj-tmp

Init the git repository. If your svn repo does not have the standard trunk branches and tags dirs you shouldnt use the --stdlayout. You can also use -T trunk -b branches -t tags.

cd proj-tmp
git svn init svn:// --stdlayout

Connect the users.txt to the empty git repository so users are remapped.

git config svn.authorsfile ../users.txt

Fetch and import the svn repository. This might take some time.

git fetch

Now we can create a bare repository and upload it to

cd ..
git clone --bare proj-tmp proj.git
scp -r proj.git


Some useful documents