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Patches should be created with git and submitted to alpine-devel mailing list with git send-email.

Only the last commit with 'git send-email'

To submit the last commit as a patch to alpine-aports mailing list:

git send-email --to HEAD^

The first line in commit message will be subject and the long description (separated with empty line) will be the body in the email. The example below shows

Initial APKBUILD file of packagename  <- Subject line

Enter some details about your package <- Mail body
here if you like. 
Note: The git send-email command is provided by the git-email package (git-perl in v2.7 and older).

Read Development using git to send patch with SMTP Auth.

Multiple commits with 'git send-email'

If you have many commits you can create a directory with patches and send them with git send-email.

rm -Rf patches mkdir patches git format-patch -o patches origin git send-email --compose --no-chain-reply-to --to

This will produce the patches for each local commit in the directory "patches" and send them. Use --no-chain-reply-to make sure it doesn't reply.

Don't do:

  • [PATCH 0/m]
    • [PATCH 1/m]
      • [PATCH 2/m]
        • ...

But do:

  • [PATCH 0/m]
    • [PATCH 1/m]
    • [PATCH 2/m]
    • ..