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This process applies to Alpine Linux 1.9.0 or later, and results in a '''run-from-ram''' style installation.
#REDIRECT [[Create a Bootable Device]]
= Requirements =
In order to follow this document, you will need:
* Alpine Linux CD-ROM ([[Downloads|Download]] a .iso file containing an Alpine release.)
* Computer with CF card reader
* CF card
{{Note|Some CF card readers have problems with the faster CF cards on the market. If you experience problems booting the CF card even after checking BIOS settings, you may need to use an older card.}}
{{Note|This method will keep your private data on CF card, this security issue is a trade-off.}}
{{:Include:Copying Alpine to Flash|CF Card}}
= DMA Support =
Many CF card readers don't support DMA correctly, so you may need to add ''nodma'' to the ''append'' line of the syslinux.cfg file.
== See Also ==

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