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cgit is a CGI-application that was written in C and a web interface for git repositories provides.

Running instance:


Make sure that Lighttpd is already installed.

rc-service lighttpd status

You will receive the lighttpd status as stopped or started if it is already installed. If you receive the answer: service `lighttpd' does not exist. issue the command below:

apk add lighttpd

Create a cgit.conf file into the lighttpd directory with the following content:

Contents of /etc/lighttpd/cgit.conf

server.modules += ("mod_redirect", "mod_alias", "mod_cgi", "mod_fastcgi", "mod_rewrite" ) var.webapps = "/usr/share/webapps/" $HTTP["url"] =~ "^/cgit" { server.document-root = webapps server.indexfiles = ("cgit.cgi") cgi.assign = ("cgit.cgi" => "") mimetype.assign = ( ".css" => "text/css" ) } url.redirect = ( "^/git/(.*)$" => "/cgit/cgit.cgi/$1", )

Finally, add the following line to the lighttpd.conf file:

Contents of /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf



Install cgit

apk add cgit git

Initialize a sample git repository

git init --bare /var/git/sample.git

Edit the /etc/cgitrc file:

vi /etc/cgitrc

And make sure you have at least the following lines:

Contents of /etc/cgitrc

scan-path=/var/git/ enable-git-config=1

Uncomment this line, if you want to store the repository in its own file


Create the file

touch /etc/cgitrepos

Now add every repository

repo.desc=Sample master foo repository

If you want to group your repositories, add the every repository to a group. group