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= Booting ISO in VMWare =
#REDIRECT [[Install_Alpine_on_VMware]]
== Get past the boot prompt ==
Mount ISO using VMWare virtual machine options.<br />
Set virtual machine to boot from CD drive (F2 to enter BIOS, then set boot order).<br />
See if virtual machine hangs at boot prompt or not.  If it does not, and booting starts normally, then proceed to the next section.<br />
If the VM hangs at the boot prompt, reboot the VM, and when the boot prompt appears again, type "grsec paxnouderef" and press Enter.  This should allow normal boot-up. <br />
== Proceed with install style of choice ==
[[Installing Alpine on USB|USB]]<br />
[[Installing Alpine on Compact Flash|Compact Flash]]<br />
[[Installing Alpine on HDD overwriting everything|HDD Overwrite Entire Drive]]<br />
[[Installing Alpine on HDD dualbooting|HDD Dual-Boot]]<br />
[[Alpine Local Backup|RAM Based]]<br />

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