Apache authentication: NTLM Single Signon

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NTLM single sign on under Apache
Install needed packages (you will need both the main and testing repositories from edge):

samba (joined to a Windows Domain) with winbind running

add apache user to winbind group
Note: This howto does not show how to join Samba to a Windows domain, only how to setup the Apache authentication helper that uses the NTLM protocol while authenticating to such a domain. add to httpd.conf (virtual host):

AuthType NTLM
NTLMauth on
NTLMAuthHelper "/usr/bin/ntlm_auth --helper-protocol=squid-2.5-ntlmssp"
Require user jbilyk

Don't forget to customize the final line with the username(s) that you wish to limit usage to. Alternatively, make the final line "Require valid user" and change the helper line to inlude something like "-require-membership-of="WORKGROUP\Domain Users"".
Restart apache and test