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Alpine Newbie

Alpine Linux is designed for power users, security, simplicity and resource efficiency That explain the efficiency and minimalist and non-automatic setup of any thing.

Has fourth main differences:

  1. Alpine Linux is built around musl libc and not glibc
  2. Main commands are derived from busybox and suckless.
  3. Alpine Linux are minimalist.. you must know so are made for Linux users
  4. Alpine Linux so then are faster!


Download and boot

Setup and configure

Imperative Operations

User Environments

Nix offers an imperative package management command line tool - nix-env - which can be used to install packages at the user level. Packages installed using nix-env are only available to the given user, and do not change system state.


The apk package manager
Searching for packages apk search package/code>
Installing a package apk add package1 package2
List installed packages apk version -l
Uninstall packages apk del package1 package2
Upgrade packages apk upgrade -U -a