Alpine boot services

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Alpine boot services

Alpine has the following tools for configuring a service to start at boot:

  • rc_add
  • rc_delete
  • rc_status

Note that if your system doesn't provide the rc_add, rc_delete, or rc_status utilities, try the following analogous commands:

  • rc-update add <service name> <runlevel>
  • rc-update del <service name> <runlevel>
  • rc-status

Adding a service to start at next boot

usage: rc_add [-hv] [-s number] script
 -h  Show help and exit.
 -k  Also add a corresponding kill link for shutdown/reboot.
 -s  Set two-digit start number (00-99). Default is 50.
 -S  Add service as a system init service (rcS.d).
 -v  Turn on verbose output.

Removing a service from starting at next boot

usage: rc_delete [-hv] [-l level] script...
 -h  Show help and exit.
 -l  Only remove from specified level. Default is all levels.
 -v  Turn on verbose output.

Show status on what services will start at next boot

usage: rc_status [-hv] [-l level] [script]
 -h  Show help and exit.
 -l  Show only specified level.
 -v  Turn on verbose output.