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Short Term

This is a list of things need to be done in close future:


  • diff: support for -n option (needed by rcs) NOTE: might not be needed! use rcs from openbsd instead.
  • ssmtp applet (needed by send-pr/sendbug)
  • mktemp: -p and -t option (needed by vserver)
  • grep: support for -x option (needed by vserver)
  • /bin/sh: support for -l option (needed by vserver) (fixed)
  • add support for start-stop-daemon -R/--retry (needed by postgresql)

for 1.8

  • test vserver and decide if we will continue support it (done)
  • vserver install docs (partly done)
  • rename vmlinuz to bzImage and rename modules.cmg to modloop.cmg (done)
  • create a dir struc for kernel and related files: (done)
  • Create a mini kernel with just host bridge drivers (pci), net drivers and disk stuff. (done)
  • Create a minimal iso image for install to disk from network.
  • Create a package with keyboard layout files.
  • setup-kbd script that selects keyboard and copies it to /etc/somewhere (so it gets committed to floppy)
  • move packages/aports directory to aports/. There will never be more then apks for now. Create the filelist dynamically.
  • run mdev in initramfs image and remove ash if possible.
  • port openbsd's sendbug (in progress)
  • port openbsd's rcs (suspended until uclibc issues are resolved)


  • Fix webinterface to GNAT's bugtracker.
  • Create a HOWTO section where people can post articles on how they set up specific configurations.
  • Change the stylesheets to give the website a more unique touch. (low priority)
  • new wiki site using haserl

Build Environment

  • Scripts to automatic download latest buildroot, packages and build scripts and build an iso. Run this script every night and send the status of the process somwhere.


  • integrate/fix gzsign and sign packages
  • release apk-tools-1.0
  • apk-tools-2.0 (C version)

Long Term

Items needed to be done in longer term:

  • port openbsd spamd and integrate with ipsets/shorewall


  • Some kind of modularized installer that permits users to create their own installers. Something that read "pre-seeds" or configure Alpine boxes from pre-generated textfiles. The software generating those setup config textfiles (pre-seeds) could be windows executables (wizards) that spits out a textfile to a floppy or a floppy image.

Web configuration

  • Create a framework, using AJAX and the MVC (model-view-contoller) strategy. Something that could be re-used by other projects like LEAF.
  • create webconf modules

Harddisk support

Those items are low priority, but would be nice to have.

  • Support for full harddisk installation (run everything from harddisk)
  • DONE: Support for hybrid harddisk installations (run OS from USB drive/cdrom and mount /var on disk(s))
  • DONE: Support for raid (hardware and software)


  • Ship some documentation on the CD
  • A list of commands that are unique for Alpine (like lbu_add, lbu_commit, etc... - this is what a "newbie" linux user asked for)