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Alpine Linux is a full distribution and runs a number of services for users and developers. Below is an explanation of the various services provided.
== This Wiki ==
This page moved to http://alpinelinux.org/development
Going thru various pages of this wiki can be really helpful. Before You start anything, try searching this wiki first.
This is the official source of information for all Alpine Linux things. The documentation typically breaks down into:
* How to do something
* How someone solved a problem with Alpine Linux
* Developer Documentation (How to compile Alpine Linux, How to write new web interface plugins, etc.)
== IRC ==
If you need one-on-one interactive communication, the [[IRC]] channels on FreeNode is usually a good place to [[IRC|check]].
== Mailing Lists ==
For email support please use one of the available [[mailing lists]].
== Bug Reporting System ==
Is located at [http://bugs.alpinelinux.org] If you found a bug, report it here. Bugs are often fixed within 24 hours. (seriously.) Requests for new packages should also go here.

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This page moved to http://alpinelinux.org/development