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Please note that this page is no longer monitored but remains for historical reasons. If you wish to raise ideas or feature requests or bugs please do so at

However, this page could be used for discussion of ideas, or you can use the Alpine-Devel mailing list

Package manager

Ideas for apk-tools.

plugin for curl

A dlopened() download plugin that is linked to curl, which is used for remote repositories. By having it as a plugin we dont need libcurl in the initramfs.

wget (current behaviour) could be used as a fallback.


Booting from net

Priority: low

Provide ip address and remote hostname as kernel parameter and run directly from network. The only thing needed for this would probably be a special initramfs image.

Not sure how useful it would be, but it would be cool.


Installer templates

Have some "templates", or presseeds or something similar so you can easily install a lot of alpine boxes.

Installer for headless installs

Installer that would create a bootable iso/usbdrive + a working config. Could be written in wxWidgets so it could be run from either Windows or Linux.

Autorun program/script on CD

Could be nice with an autorun program that will be executed when cd is inserted in a windows computer. It could have a menu with the following options:

  • create boot floppy for CDROM
  • create boot floppy for USB
  • install Alpine on an USB drive

Network installs

This is in-tie with headless installing and (at least for me) it's the big white elephant missing feature: to be able to run a server-based remote install of a system without any manual intervention. It might need an upgrade or the hardware could have been replaced after a failure. Driving there and reinstalling packages is a no-go in some places.

(Look at kickstart + cobbler + koan for RHEL as examples). If such a feature is ever add *please* make it compatible to something existing, i.e. even ubuntu is running with cobbler now).

20:46, 1 January 2012 (UTC)


Package database

A database with all the packages and their status.

Possibility to rate/vote packages? Some easy way for users to give feedback on what packages they think we should focus on.


Protection against cold boot attacks

This is a subject that pages can be written about and everyone has a different opinion. AFAIK there's no real protection against it if your machine is powered on and unattended. Nonetheless limited protection could be afforded by overwriting RAM with zero's or random data whenever a reboot, halt or poweroff command is issued. Raised under Feature #2534

sysctl.conf changes

It seems by default many security features are already enabled, a few not enabled (checked on alpine 2.7.0) that would be a good idea to turn on are:

- magic-sysreq

I've already documented these on the sysctl.conf wiki page. Maybe we could enable these by default in new installs?