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Supporting Developers

Supporting developers CAN and WILL:

  • Encourage them to continue working on the project
  • Be a reward about something they did and you find useful
  • Remind that people care about the project
  • Books/etc can improve know-how of the project developers

It does NOT:

  • Entitle you to get priority support
  • Entitle you to receive private support
  • Ensure that your feature request will get priority
  • Ensure that your feature request will be done

Timo Teräs


Working mostly on:

  • apk-tools
  • ARM port, musl support
  • DMVPN: opennhrp, ipsec-tools, linux kernel ipsec support, openssl
  • kamailio, Asterisk, DAHDI, zaphfc


  • Books on programming, algorithms and/or security (inquire if you need titles, or have something you can send)
  • Coffee and single malts (within EU to avoid import tax)
  • Paypal donations